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"Did Batman Get Dick Grayson's Parents Killed?" & More Unresolved Stories

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Left Unresolved Archive

Here is an archive of all the editions of Left Unresolved that we have done so far. This is for comic book stories and ideas that have yet to be resolved.

Click on each one to see a write-up of the unresolved storyline. The installments are listed in chronological order, so the most recent installment is at the bottom…

1. What was the identity of the Spider-Man villain, F.A.C.A.D.E.?

2. Who was the Batman villain, the Skeleton?

3. Did Jean Grey Nearly Become the Phoenix in 1998?

4. Did The Avengers Forget That They Left a Country in the Control of a Powerful Villain?

5. So Can Dazzler Not Die or What?

6. The Daredevil Foe Who Literally Went Nowhere!

7. What the Heck Was the “Prize” That the Upstarts Were Playing For?

8. Who Was Bullseye’s Mystery Target in Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target?

9. That Time Kitty Pryde Went Missing and No One Seemed to Care All That Much

10. Whatever Happened to the Neo?

11. Do the X-Men Still Have a Frozen Lady at the X-Mansion?

12. Was Batman Involved in the Murder of the Flying Graysons?


What about Cannonball being an External? Was that ever touched upon again?


I would love to know the identity of the Red Hood from the Dan Slott/Ty Templeton Batman Adventures comics!

^ Seconded about Red Hood from Batman Adventures! Have tried to e-mail Brian, hope he sees this. Slott has spoken about it at cons but even if it can’t be revealed, would love to just see a column on it!

I also did a similar list:

One that has always bothered me… mostly because I never see it discussed anywhere, or addressed by Claremont… Who Was Mystique Working For In Her 1st Appearance??

My theory is that Mystique was originally conceived as an Alien character, since most of Ms. Marvel’s villains were extra-terrestrial in origin; but when the book was cancelled, Claremont re-tooled the character to make her a Mutant, and abandoned the original story-in-progress. In Ms. Marvel#18, the 1st full appearance of Mystique, she is seen communicating with a bald-headed pointed-eared man whom she calls “Lord”. This character/situation is never mentioned again after that issue.

I look forward to this Archive. There are plenty of other “Left Unresolved” storylines, and in reading back-issues, I find more of them all the time. They’re especially due to creative team shake-ups, where the incoming creative team had no interest in continuing the sub-plots in motion, so they just ignored them. Sometimes they are later addressed, so these days I usually Google to see if anyone’s mentioned where a seemingly-unresolved storyline was resolved.

Another X-men-Related one I remember is Nurse Annie’s son. Nurse Annie was integral to the character development of Northstar (and Iceman, who we now know is Gay, too, after all!) and a love-interest for Havok; which resulted in another epic meltdown of Polaris. When Annie left the series, her son as in the back seat talking to a sinister apparition; or possibly possessed by something. As far as I know, this was never resolved. At the time, I thought it was possibly the Shadow King. Others have said that the original intention may have been the return of Cassandra Nova, which never materialized. But I’ve never seen confirmation from creators, to say where they were going with that sub-plot; or if it was ever resolved in-book somewhere.

The Shadow King was another unresolved story around that time (at least that 5-6 year span; things bleed together in my mind after a while); but that may be more of an “Abandonned & Forsaked” situation. I remember at one point there was a storyline in which Psylocke trapped the Shadow King in her own mind and in doing so, she had to use all of her abilities to keep him locked away, so she could not actively use her powers and had to leave the team. Then a year or two later, Psylocke was suddenly on the team again and using her powers. At the time, I thought: Did she just one day decide to give up and let the Shadow King go so she could join the X-men again? Was there some epic battle that we missed and they’re going to tell it later in flashback? I know they eventually, inevitably, had another encounter with the Shadow King, but I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned how that related to his imprisonment by Psylocke from their last encounter.

I wonder where ultimate ff was heading. It wasn’t
The best ,but I was reading it and they just up n cancel it on me!!

What about a similar column to this and Abandoned and Forsaken, where a storyline is resolved, either by a different creative team or years later by the original creative team – but it’s very obvious to all involved that the resolution isn’t the original plan?

@Le Messor: Something like this?

I dunno that “Provide Some Answers” specifically stipulates that it wasn’t the original plan, but it seems to always work out that way.

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