Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Suit Up For "Civil War" in This Iron Man Mark 46 Hoodie

via Comic Book Resources

Suit up for ‘Civil War’ in this Iron Man Mark 46 hoodie


Refusing to take sides in the conflict, Merchoid has followed that Captain America hoodie with the debut of a limited-edition Iron Man Mark 46 zip-up sweatshirt.

Part of the online retailer’s Captain America: Civil War collection, the Iron Man Mark 46 hoodie modeled after Tony Stark’s armor from the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel. Red with gold accents, the sweatshirt features a silver panel styled after Iron Man’s arc reactor, and thumb holes in the sleeves — presumably to mimic the gauntlets.

Spider-Man Hoodie is Legit — But is It “Civil War”-Related?

The Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Mark 46 hoodie is available for preorder for $55. It’s due to ship in July.


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