Thursday, May 26, 2016

X-Men Movies on Instagram

#Repost @OliviaMunn: In college I did an internship at FOX Sports. It's located at FOX Studios here in LA. Everyday I would log tapes of hockey games and file newspaper clippings and then on my lunch breaks I would grab my food and just walk around the lot amazed. I couldn't believe that I got to stand on the same streets where movies were made. I felt so lucky just to be able to see the buildings and fake city streets. I was in awe. 🌟📽. Yesterday a friend sent me this photo... this is the entrance to that same FOX lot. 😳😱 This is something I never expected in a million years and I am truly speechless. Special shoutout to the OMFG for supporting me from the very beginning. This one's for you 💜 #XMenApocalypse #XMen #Psylocke
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