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"Deadpool Saved The World By Kicking Captain America in the Groin" & More Cool Moments

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Cool Comic Book Moments Archive!

Here is the archive of all the cool comic book moments featured so far! They are in the order of when I posted the entries, so the most recent entries are at the end of the list.

Deadpool saving the world through a kick to the groin is #356.

1. Spider-Man beats impossible odds to lift a pile of wreckage (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #33))

2. Yes, an Android CAN cry (Avengers (Vol. 1) #58))

3. A young runaway is picked up by a suspicious man, but his motivations for picking her up are surprising (Stray Bullets #4))

4. Captain Cold gives an impressive speech about the power of cold (Suicide Squad #18)

5. Spider-Man makes a shocking revelation to the kid who collects Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #248)

6. Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul fence each other bare-chested in the desert (Batman #244)

7. Batman returns from the seeming grave to confront Ra’s Al Ghul (Batman #244)

8. Batman and Talia share a special moment after his defeat of her father (Batman #244 )

9. A thrilling conclusion to the first Zenith storyline by Grant Morrison (2000 A.D. #549)

10. Hawkeye cheats to save the universe (Avengers Annual #16)

11. A brilliant depiction of a man being hypnotized to travel through time (Too Cool to be Forgotten OGN)

12. Morpheus wins a game of wits against a demon (The Sandman (Vol. 2) #4)

13. Joe Kelly has a good time mocking the way Mary Jane would used to just start dancing out of nowhere in old issues of Amazing Spider-Man (Deadpool (Vol. 1) #11)

14. Alan Moore cleverly (and devastatingly) explains why Abin Sur was flying a spaceship when he died(Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2)

15. The debut of the “Bechdel Test” for movies (Dykes to Watch Out For Vol. 1)

16. Frank Miller depicts Captain America showing some patriotism under fire (Marvel Fanfare #18)

17. Superman tells Mongul to “burn” (Superman Annual #11 )

18. Yorick says goodbye to a close friend in the final issue of Y the Last Man(Y the Last Man #60 )

19. Grant Morrison gives us a heartbreakingly unexpected point of view character(The Invisibles (Vol. 1) #12)

20. A young boy meets Spider-Man, or at least his perception of who Spider-Man is.(Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #35)

21. Bizarro bids Superman a sad “Hello” (Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

22. Superman is visited by his dead cousin, who is time-traveling from a point in time before her death. Superman can’t let her know her ultimate fate and it breaks him down. (Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

23. Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang show that no one can say that they didn’t love Superman as much as anyone(Action Comics #583 )

24. Krypto tragically sacrifices himself for his owner (Action Comics #583 )

25. The Avengers become MODOCs (Mental Organisms Designed Only for Conquest) (Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #9)

26. A private investigator figures out Spider-Man’s secret identity (or does he?) (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #36)

27. We are introduced to young best friends, Eric and Woody and a (not so unconscious) dog (Quantum and Woody #1)

28. Hal Jordan first recites his Green Lantern oath (Showcase (Vol. 1) #22)

29. Someone surprising sacrifices themselves for Kang the Conqueror(Avengers (Vol. 1) #24)

30. A pirate tells a disturbing story to the wrong audience (his blind date) (Scurvy Dogs #1)

31. Blue Beetle makes a sadly prophetic joke.(Justice League America #35)

32. Doom steals the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #57)

33. Batman answers the challenge to leave the safety of the Batmobile and fight man to man(Batman: The Dark Knight #2)

34. Rick Jones always carries an emergency parachute. Why wouldn’t he?(The Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #375)

35. Did Judge Dredd just kill himself on national television!?!(2000 A.D. #261)

36. The octopus Topo saves a seemingly ruined birthday party by becoming a one-octopus band.(Adventure Comics #266)

37. Captain America saves the Avengers and Nick Fury in a stunning double-page spread by Jim Steranko (Captain America #113 )

38. Captain America and Rick Jones take on a horde of Hydra agents in a stunning splash page by Jim Steranko(Captain America #113 )

39. The Thing first says “It’s Clobberin’ Time!”(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #22)

40. The first time someone shouted “Avengers assemble!”(The Avengers (Vol. 1) #10)

41. The first time that Franky knifed someone in the eye. (The Goon (Vol. 1) #3)

42. The first time that the Tick’s battle cry, “Spoon!” was used(The Tick (Vol. 1) #7)

43. The first time someone “Bwah Ha Ha Ha”ed (Justice League International (Vol. 1) #8)

44. The first time Wolverine said that he was the best there is at what he does…and what he does best is not very nice. (Wolverine (Vol. 1) #1)

45. The first appearance of Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #42)

46. The Flash saves half a million people from a nuclear bomb(JLA #89)

47. Iron Man puts everything he has into one punch against a rampaging Hulk (Iron Man (Vol. 1) #132)

48. Count Vertigo decides whether he wants to commit suicide or not(Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #66)

49. A group of superheroes improbably knock Galactus unconscious(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #243)

50. ONE PUNCH!!! (Justice League #5)

51. The Umbrella Academy fight the Eiffel Tower(Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1)

52. Osiris is betrayed(52 #43)

53. Wolverine emerges from the sewers for revenge(Uncanny X-Men #132)

54. Jim Lee draws an iconic splash page of Captain America(Uncanny X-Men #268)

55. Rogue forces Wolverine to change his opinion of her after a noble sacrifice on her part (Uncanny X-Men #173)

56. Emma Frost tricks Namor into believing she meted out some medieval justice on Sebastian Shaw(Uncanny X-Men Annual (Vol. 2) #1)

57. “Professor Xavier is a Jerk!” (Uncanny X-Men #168)

58. Jean Grey sacrifices herself for her teammates and the man she loves(Uncanny X-Men #100)

59. Kitty Pryde fights a demon by herself(Uncanny X-Men #143)

60. The Comedian explains that it is all a joke. (Watchmen #2 )

61. Rorschach ruins the life of his prison psychologist (Watchmen #5)

62. Ozymandias is inspired to “save” the world(Watchmen #2 )

63. Silk Spectre and Nite Owl have sex (Watchmen #7)

64. Big Figure meets an unsightly end(Watchmen #8)

65. Ozymandias did it thirty-five minutes ago(Watchmen #11)

66. Rorschach’s inability to compromise does him in(Watchmen #12)

67. Bullseye kills Elektra (Daredevil #181 )

68. Bullseye refuses to be saved by Daredevil (Daredevil #181 )

69. We learn that the events of Akira could have been avoided if not for a misunderstanding at a playground years ago(Akira Book 6)

70. Hellboy shows his humanity in battle against Rasputin(Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #4)

71. Deadshot takes Amanda Waller’s instructions a tad too literally(Suicide Squad #22)

72. First appearance of the Goat! (Quantum and Woody #3)

73. The Thing puts an entire building on his back(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #95)

74. Perry White gives us an iconic catch phrase two-fer with “Don’t Call Me Chief” AND “Great Caesar’s Ghost”(Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #22)

75. J.H. Williams tells Manhattan Guardian’s story through the pages of an actual newspaper (Seven Soldiers #1)

76. Garth Ennis goes off on St. Patrick’s Day a bit(The Boys #27)

77. Captain America has an iconic dream by Jim Steranko(Captain America #111)

78. Aunt May has a great death scene (yes, it turned out not to be Aunt May, but we didn’t know that ast the time!)(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #400)

79. Magneto makes one of his greatest last page reveal (Magneto is well known for his last page reveals) (X-Men (Vol. 1) #62)

80. Lex Luthor shows another side to his personality in his adoration of Albert Einstein(Superman (Vol. 1) #416)

81. The heroism of the Fantastic Four is enough to turn a jerk into a hero(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #51)

82. The “return” part of the Dark Knight returning(Batman: The Dark Knight #1 )

83. The classic opening bike race (Akira Book 1)

84. Nefaria kicks the Avengers’ collective ass until Thor shows up to have at him (Avengers (Vol. 1) #165)

85. “Do you know what radios waves look like? Because I do!”(Superman (Vol. 1) #423 )

86. John Byrne delivers an iconic double-page splash detailing Cap’s history from World War II to the present(Captain America #255)

87. The Authority use their giant inter-dimensional ship as a bullet to pierce the force field surrounding a bad guy’s island(The Authority (Vol. 1) #4)

88. Thor and Thing clash in a classic Jack Kirby splash page(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #73)

89. Wonder Woman snaps her mother out of a hypnotic cloud the only way she knows how(Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #137)

90. Frank Miller creates what has now become the iconic visual of the murder of Batman’s parents(Batman: The Dark Knight #1 )

91. Thor shows up in the middle of a “debate” between fans of the Hulk and Thor (The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1) #112)

92. Punisher meets Archie (Punisher Meets Archie #1)

93. Doctor Doom shockingly sacrifices his one true love to have the means to destroy Reed Richards(Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #67)

94. Reed Richards and Doom fight through time (and the pages of the comic book) (Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #352)

95. The Avengers convince some bureaucrat that Cap really IS unique(Captain America #444)

96. Cap returns from “death”(Captain America #445)

97. Cap emerges from the Cosmic Cube with murderous intent towards the Red Skull(Captain America #448)

98. Captain America and Bill Clinton share a dramatic patriotic moment(Captain America #453)

99. Captain America finally lives up to Sharon Carter’s expectations (Captain America #454)

100. Spider-Man tragically learns the true meaning of “with great power comes great responsibility”(Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 1) #15)

101. Superman spends some bittersweet time on Krypton before it explodes(Superman (Vol. 1) #141)

102. Tommy Monaghan learns that sometimes luck is more important than skill (Hitman #7)

103. A malfunctioning bomb leads to Hellboy making quite a strange introduction to some Nazis(Hellboy: Wake the Devil #1)

104. Captain America lends a much-needed hand(Spectacular Spider-Man #202)

105. J. Jonah Jameson shows how awesome he can be at times (Uncanny X-Men #346)

106. Guy Gardner shows how awesome HE can be at times (Adventures of Superman Annual #4)

107. Tommy Monaghan gives Superman a pep talk (Hitman #34)

108. Batman infiltrates the Suicide Squad headquarters (Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 )

109. Batman’s sense of justice conflicts with Wonder Woman’s sense of honor and the end result is quite dramatic (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

110. Batman prostrates himself to achieve justice the only way he can figure possible in the situation (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

111. The object of Wonder Woman and Batman’s conflict decides to change the equation in dramatic fashion (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia )

112. A beast is given reason to regret having messed with a friend of Hellboy’s(Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August )

113. Doctor Thirteen stands up to the power of the “Architects” of the DC Universe(Tales of the Unexpected (Vol. 2) #8)

114. Spider-Man overcomes his first ass-whupping(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #3)

115. Captain America is forced to take drastic measures against a vampire(Captain America #254)

116. “It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn’t have signed it.” (Daredevil #227)

117. “There is no corpse. There is no corpse” (Daredevil #228)

118. “And I — I have shown him…that a man without hope is a man without fear.” (Daredevil #229)

119. Ben Urich says “Matt Murdock”(Daredevil #230)

120. Matt and Karen reunite(Daredevil #231)

121. Ben Urich is put to the test and Glorianna O’Breen realizes where her talents lie (Daredevil #232 )

122. Daredevil emerges from the flames in an iconic splash page(Daredevil #232 )

123. Frank Miller shows how the real world might view the Avengers (Daredevil #233 )

124. “I’m loyal to nothing, General–except the dream!”(Daredevil #233 )

125. Nuke is displayed on a table at the Daily Bugle(Daredevil #233 )

126. Matt and Karen walk arm in arm(Daredevil #233 )

127. Superman makes a stand for truth, justice and the American Way(Action Comics #775)

128. Uncle Ben teaches Peter a lesson about life using the New York Mets(Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #33)

129. Guy Gardner triumphs in a test of wills against Sinestro(Guy Gardner: Reborn #3)

130. The Crimson Cowl revealed!(Avengers (Vol. 1) #54)

131. Jesse and Jody fight to the death(Preacher #12)

132. Wolverine kills someone with his claws for the first time(Uncanny X-Men #116)

133. Wolverine will do anything to stop Rachel from becoming a murderer…even stabbing her himself(Uncanny X-Men #207)

134. Wolverine puts his true love out of her misery(Wolverine (Vol. 1) #57)

135. Wolverine gives Sabretooth the “third claw”(Wolverine (Vol. 1) #90)

136. The Killer of Demons kills his first demon(Killer of Demons #1)

137. Herr Starr realizes that the scarring on his head evokes an…unfortunate resemblance with a human body part(Preacher #27)

138. Wonder Woman adds a new member to her staff(Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #195)

139. A victorious Seven Soldiers realize that their victory is very much short-lived.(Seven Soldiers #0)

140. “You’re martians, aren’t you?”(JLA #3 )

141. Wally West gets a Christmas surprise(Flash (Vol. 2) #73)

142. Alfred describes the power of Batman(Batman #683)

143. Amanda Waller goes toe to toe with Batman(Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10 )

144. Street Angel killed all the ninjas on the page in just the time it took you to turn the page (Street Angel #1)

145. Wally West sacrifices himself for his girlfriend, Linda Park(The Flash (Vol. 2) #99 )

146. Bart Allen tries to avenge Wally West’s death with disastrous results(The Flash (Vol. 2) #99 )

147. Wally West makes a triumphant, if fleeting, return(The Flash (Vol. 2) #100 )

148. Wally West and Linda Park are reunited(The Flash (Vol. 2) #100 )

149. Wally West uses a “Flash fact” to beat a bad guy (JLA #3 )

150. Superman moves the freakin’ moon!(JLA #7 )

151. Superman wrestles a freakin’ angel! (JLA #7 )

152. Black Adam comes to get revenge on the creators of the creatures who destroyed his people (52 Week 46 )

153. An extermination event takes place on Genosha(New X-Men #115)

154. Spider-Man finds a way to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut (Amazing Spider-Man #230)

155. Black Adam underestimates the combined mental might of a group of the world’s greatest mad scientists (52 Week 46 )

156. With the fate of Earth at stake, the Thing refuses to give up in a battle against the Champion(Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7)

157. Barry Allen’s return takes a dark turn(The Flash (Vol. 2) #75)

158. Billy Beezer discovers the gruesome truth about Team Red(Klarion #3)

159. Spider-Man discovers that the Green Goblin has kidnapped his girlfriend(Amazing Spider-Man #121 )

160. The leader of the Secret Empire is revealed and he has shocking connections to the United States government (Captain America #175)

161. Adam Strange figures out a plan on the fly…literally(The Return of Adam Strange #1)

162. Justice League Europe discovers that they’re in the same French class as the Injustice League…chaos ensues(Justice League Europe #6)

163. Gwen Stacy has a tragic fall from a bridge (Amazing Spider-Man #121 )

164. We first meet Static, Virgil Hawkins and Frieda Goren (Static #1 )

165. Static is beaten badly in front of Frieda(Static #1 )

166. Static redeems himself against his first super-powered foe(Static #2 )

167. The Green Goblin pays the ultimate price for murder(Amazing Spider-Man #122 )

168. Mary Jane Watson decides that Peter Parker is worth the trouble, with the first of two notable “Click”s (Amazing Spider-Man #122 )

169. Peter realizes that Mary Jane is the girl for him, with the second of two notable “Click”s(Amazing Spider-Man #149)

170. Tommy Monaghan and friends encounter an entire aquarium of zombie sea cratures (Hitman #13)

171. Hacken cuts his hand off after being bitten by a zombie penguin(Hitman #14 )

172. Zombie shark!!!!!!(Hitman #14 )

173. Just all-out war on the zombie animals (Hitman #14 )

174. Guy Gardner on Ice!(Justice League America #45 )

175. Guy returns home to find the giant-sized Guy costume in his bed(Justice League America #45 )

176. Ralph Dibney solves his birthday mystery(Justice League International Quarterly #6)

177. Ben Grimm makes a fateful decision on whether he will turn back into the Thing(Fantastic Four #79)

178. Thor and Beta Ray Bill fight for the right to wield Mjolnir(The Mighty Thor #338)

179. Odin gives Beta Ray Bill his own hammer(The Mighty Thor #339)

180. Blue Beetle races to find a cure before one of the Justice League goes insane(Justice League International Quarterly #9)

181. The truth of the return of Barry Allen is revealed!(The Flash (Vol. 2) #78)

182. Batman has a Sci-Fi Closet?!?! Of COURSE he does!(JLA: Classified #1)

183. Joker figures a way to get the last laugh on Batman(Batman: The Dark Knight #3)

184. Both sides of Peter Parker’s personality are personified by the imagination of two ladies who want to date him(Spider-Man: Tangled Web #11)

185. Thanos has killed a dozen superheroes but Captain America still confidently steps right up to Thanos to face him down (Infinity Gauntlet #4)

186. Tommy Monaghan creates a disturbingly makeshift “Cat-Signal”(Hitman #15)

187. Tomorrow Woman proves her humanity(JLA #5)

188. A representative from the Galactic Republic lets a planet of robots know why they are not ready for inclusion in the Republic just yet(Weird Fantasy #18)

189. Sasha Bordeaux doubts whether she can trust that Bruce Wayne did NOT commit murder(Detective Comics #767)

190. “You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over.(Batman #405 )

191. Jason Blood makes a memorable re-introduction(Saga of the Swamp Thing #25)

192. Jean Grey sacrifices herself to kill Dark Phoenix(Uncanny X-Men #137)

193. Diesel is a “real Indian,” dammit!(Scalped #8 )

194. Diesel is revealed to be connected to Dash in an unexpected way(Scalped #8 )

195. Dino Poor Bear is confident that he’ll leave the rez some day(Scalped #10)

196. Dash has to tell a group of brothers and sisters that their mother is dead(Scalped #13)

197. Dash has the ability to drag Carol up from the mire…but will he choose instead to go right there with her?(Scalped #20)

198. Red Crow makes a fateful decision(Scalped #24 )

199. We get a wonderful glimpse into how Red Crow views his role in the reservation(Scalped #24 )

200. As he slowly recovers from injuries, Black Lightning tries to come to terms with the sacrifice a man he didn’t even particularly like made for him(Black Lightning (Vol. 2) #5)

201. Brian Azzarello gives us a devastating twist on the wrestling scene from Amazing Fantasy #15(Spider-Man: Tangled Web #14)

202. Granny Goodness is not impressed. Amanda Waller is, though.(Suicide Squad #36 )

203. Doctor Light decides to become a hero…it does not work out the way he hoped.(Suicide Squad #36 )

204. The classic origin of the Fantastic Four(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #1)

205. Lex Luthor destroys the life of a waitress, just because he CAN(Superman (Vol. 2) #9 )

206. Miracleman must takes steps he never wanted to to end the threat of Kid Miracleman(Miracleman #15)

207. Miracleman has created a “utopia,” so why isn’t he happy?(Miracleman #16)

208. The debut of the Hobgoblin!(Amazing Spider-Man #238)

209. Galactapuss makes his debut!(Top Ten #9)

210. A seed of doubt creeps into the “omnipotent” Doctor Doom(Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12)

211. Earth 2 Lex Luthor lands on Earth(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

212. Batman meets the Thomas Wayne of Earth 2(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

213. Owlman discovers that they are screwed on Earth 1(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

214. Ultraman shows that he’s back in charge(JLA Earth 2 OGN )

215. Lex Luthor cannot believe that Superman is Clark Kent(Superman (Vol. 2) #2)

216. Iron Man and Doctor Doom put aside their differences and build a time machine together(Iron Man #150)

217. John Constantine figuratively and literally gives the devil the middle finger(Hellblazer #45)

218. Where’s Luke Cage’s $200, Doctor Doom, you cheap S.O.B.? (Hero for Hire #9)

219. Snake Eyes’ famous silent mission(G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #21)

220. Reed and Sue get married(Fantastic Four Annual (Vol. 1) #3)

221. Connor Hawke is forced to go to his father’s bag of trick arrows(JLA #9)

222. Sasha Bordeaux figures out Bruce Wayne is Batman (Detective Comics #755)

223. The origin of the “Cool Story, Bro” panel(Incredible Hercules #122)

224. The first time that Etrigan the Demon rose(The Demon (Vol. 1) #1)

225. The Avengers defeat on Ultron but soon realize that they are surrounded by hundreds of them(Avengers (Vol. 3) #21)

226. The Avengers take on a horde of Ultrons and refuse to fold(Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

227. “Ultron. We would have words with thee.” (Avengers (Vol. 3) #22 )

228. The Thunderbolts are revealed to be the Masters of Evil(Thunderbolts #1)

229. “He stood alone at Gjallerbru…and that answer is enough.”(The Mighty Thor #362)

230. The origin of Doctor Doom(Fantastic Four Annual (Vol. 1) #2)

231. Deadshot makes a leap of faith, of sorts(Suicide Squad #54)

232. Daredevil courageously battles against overwhelming odds against Namor(Daredevil (Vol. 1) #7)

233. Forbush Man takes advantage of the minds of Nextwave. Luckily, one of them does not really HAVE much of a mind. (Nextwave #10)

234. Bruce Banner and the Hulk merge into one being with the Hulk’s power and Banner’s intellect(Incredible Hulk #377)

235. A member of Alpha Flight is shockingly killed(Alpha Flight (Vol. 1) #12)

236. Black Widow has a rough holiday(Amazing Adventures (Vol. 1) #5)

237. Batman tricks a bad guy into revealing himself(Batman #478)

238. Doctor Doom underestimates the Thing’s strength of will(Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #40)

239. Elsa Bloodstone has a message about the E on her chest. (Nextwave #9)

240. Black Widow and Hawkeye pull off a tremendous escape.(Ultimates #8)

241. A tragic killing spurs Magneto into action. (God Loves, Man Kills OGN )

242. Reverand Stryker’s plans hit a detour(God Loves, Man Kills OGN )

243. The origin of Darwyn Cooke as an artist. (Solo #5)

244. Supergirl sacrifices herself to save Superman. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #7)

245. Flash sacrifices himself to save all of reality. (Crisis on Infinite Earths #8)

246. The Justice League and the Avengers are haunted by the things that might be and they are still willing to fight for them to occur.(JLA/Avengers #3)

247. Batman is haunted by the murder of an innocent father as he sees himself as the man’s child. (Detective Comics #439)

248. The introduction of the Manhunter. (Detective Comics #437)

249. “Fin Fang Foom put you in his pants.”(Nextwave #2)

250. The “explosive” farewell to a major Suicide Squad character(Suicide Squad #26)

251. Harvey Bullock is forced to turn to Batman for help. (Detective Comics #651)

252. Doctor Strange is in a battle that threatens Eternity itself. (Strange Tales #146)

253. The introduction of Batman. (Detective Comics #27)

254. Wonder Woman takes drastic measures to defeat Medusa. (Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #210)

255. A strange Superman/Joker encounter. (Superman (Vol. 2) #9 )

256. The classic first meeting of the Silver Surfer and Thor. (Silver Surfer (Vol. 1) #4)

257. The epic first battle between Hercules and Thor. (The Mighty Thor #126)

258. An occult investigator is forced to make a sad decision in a case involving werewolves.(Strange Cases #2)

259. The introduction of the star of Rick Remender’s Fear Agent. (Fear Agent #1)

260. The dramatic reveal that changed Invincible’s world forever!(Invincible #7)

261. The epic battle around the world between Invincible and the man he never thought he would have to fight. (Invincible #12)

262. Ginger Brown meets her new partner. (Proof #1)

263. The Pirates and the Cherries CLASH!(Pirates of Coney Island #4 )

264. A tender offshoot of the Pirates/Cherries CLASH!(Pirates of Coney Island #4 )

265. Our introduction to Johnny Hiro. (Johnny Hiro #1)

266. Chalky White’s journey to this point in his life. (Acme Novelty Library #17)

267. Enid and Rebecca discover that there are often very real consequences to pranks and that sometimes ironic detachment is not all that it is cracked up to be. (Ghost World )

268. Johnny thought stealing a lobster would be simple enough. He was wrong.(Johnny Hiro #2)

269. Casanova Quinn ends up in a new dimension where things are similar to his world, so he is especially prepared for everything that happens. (Casanova #1)

270. Silhouette sex!!(Lost Girls )

271. Casanova discovers that the island of “savages” he is sent on a mission are a good deal more advanced than he expected.(Casanova #5)

272. Casanova has a chance to redeem himself. Will he take it? (Casanova #7)

273. “When is Casanova Quinn?” (Casanova #8)

274. Megan realizes who she really needs. (Local #8)

275. Detective Fell literally rises above the shit. (Fell #6)

276. Detective Fell won’t let a situation deteriorate, even if it means taking extreme measures. (Fell #5)

277. Kim Pine lies to Scott Pilgrim to inspire him. (Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe)

278. Sophie Bangs writes Promethea into existence. (Promethea #1 )

279. “Time…and the raidant, heavenly city.” (Promethea #1 )

280. Imagine the Big Bad Wolf…but stripped of all irony. Scary stuff, right? You better believe it! (Promethea #3)

281. A depressed John Constantine learns the secret of a dead man. (Hellblazer #71 )

282. A peculiar battle within a church. (The Human Target (Vol. 2) #1 )

283. Christopher Chance discovers the mystery man out to kill him is…himself?!?(The Human Target (Vol. 2) #1 )

284. What do cats dream of? (Sandman (Vol. 2) #18)

285. Swamp Thing and Abby have sex. (Saga of the Swamp Thing #34)

286. Dan Dare makes a stand to save some colonizers. (Dan Dare #3 )

287. A small group of soldiers face overwhelming odds. (Dan Dare #3 )

288. Batman calls a horde of bats to save him. (Batman #406)

289. James Gordon learns what it takes to be a cop in Gotham City.(Batman #404 )

290. A bat crashes through Bruce Wayne’s window, oddly inspires him.(Batman #404 )

291. Batman falls for a police trap. (Batman #405 )

292. Batman saves Gordon’s son.(Batman #407)

293. The Green Goblin’s secret identity is revealed!(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #39)

294. We see what happens to Kingpin’s lieutenants when Spider-Man foils one of Kingpin’s plans. (Tangled Web #4)

295. Ant-Man shrinks down and goes on a fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

296. Ant-Man’s actual fantastic voyage inside of the Vision. (Avengers #93 )

297. The reveal of the bad guy in The Great Darkness Saga. (Legion of Super-Heroes #293)

298. The bad guy is defeated in the Great Darkness Saga. (Legion of Super-Heroes #294)

299. A bad guy manipulates the Legion so that they can find a way to kill him, as he appears to be immortal. (Legion of Super-Heroes (5 Years Later) #24)

300. art spiegelman deals with the guilt (and many other feelings) that comes with the success of the first Maus book. (Maus: Book Two)

301. The Losers fight a dinosaur.(New Frontier #1 )

302. Hal Jordan’s lofty ideals are tested by the realities of war. (New Frontier #1 )

303. The Martian Manhunter uses television to adapt to life on Earth. (New Frontier #2 )

304. Abby discovers that her evil uncle has possessed the body of her formerly comatose husband. (Saga of the Swamp Thing #29)

305. Ted “Wildcat” Grant has one last hurrah in him. (New Frontier #3 )

306. The sad tale of John Henry Irons. (New Frontier #3 )

307. The Suicide Squad live up to their name. (New Frontier #4)

308. Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris have a “moment.”(New Frontier #5 )

309. The explosive introduction of V. (V for Vendetta #1)

310. Oops, I guess Superman WON’T be saving this day. (New Frontier #5 )

311. The collected heroes do the “slow walk.”(New Frontier #6 )

312. The Martian Manhunter becomes a superhero. (New Frontier #6 )

313. See how the Flash can run. (New Frontier #6 )

314. Frank Castle’s first standout moment in Vietnam. (Punisher: Born #2)

315. Nick Fury reads a book about Castle’s days in Vietnam. (Punisher MAX #60)

316. The Justice League officially forms. (New Frontier #6 )

317. Jubilee and Professor Xavier spend some time together. (Uncanny X-Men #297)

318. “That’s the thing about Batman…Batman prepares for everything”(Batman #681)

319. When given the chance to get revenge, dolphins choose a different path. (Animal Man #15)

320. Animal Man’s fellow superheroes don’t see things quite the same way he does. (Animal Man #16)

321. A dimensional fluctuation has Planetary encounter different variations of Batman, all amaizngly drawn by John Cassaday. (Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth )

322. We meet the ultimate Batman. (Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth )

323. Peter David’s ultimate description of why Quicksilver is such a jerk. (X-Factor #87)

324. Superman pays tribute to a fallen friend. (JLA/Hitman #2)

325. In a world run by an evil version of the Planetary, can the Justice League even form, let alone survive?(Planetary/JLA: Terra Obscura )

326. The largest meeting of Avengers ever (at the time) (Avengers #100)

327. Giant Man gives Phil Sheldon a classic photo. (Marvels #2)

328. Showdown between Wonder Woman and Jakita Wagner(Planetary/JLA: Terra Obscura )

329. A clever introduction to the main characters of Ultra. (Ultra #1)

330. Batman and Mister Terrific debate whether a superhero get together can be uninterrupted.(JSA #54)

331. Robin tries to save the life of a kid who tried to kill him. (Robin #46)

332. Blue Jay and Power Girl’s cat have some misadventures. (Justice League Quarterly #4)

333. Origin of Daredevil. (Daredevil (Vol. 1) #1)

334. Daredevil gets a little help from his friends. (Daredevil (Vol. 2) #60)

335. The shocking introduction of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run. (Captain America (Vol. 5) #1)

336. A superhero reaction to a Vertigo funeral. (Planetary #7)

337. Bucky is revealed to secretly be a commando.(Captain America (Vol. 5) #5)

338. Avengers and Defenders team-up. (Avengers #118)

339. Origin of the Hulk. (Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #1)

340. Ares takes advantage of his Avengers teammate.(Incredible Hercules #114 )

341. Hercules hallucinates. (Incredible Hercules #114 )

342. Now that he’s lifted the machinery, Spidey still has some fighting to do!(Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #33 )

343. A sample of Peter Bagge’s humor. (Neat Stuff #1)

344. We hear 1 talk for the first time. (We3 #1 )

345. We3 escapes. (We3 #1 )

346. “Home Is. Run. No. More.” (We3 #2)

347. “Doc-Tor Rose-Anne. No ‘Dee-Comm-Ish’ We3″ (We3 #3 )

348. 2 CAN be a team player. (We3 #3 )

349. The Bradleys salute all their own icons. (Neat Stuff #6)

350. Jason Todd gives Mongul exactly what he desires.(Superman Annual #11 )

351. Marv goes through the cops of Sin City.(Dark Horse Presents #51)

352. John Constantine is compelled to keep living by, of all people, a dead man. (Hellblazer #71 )

353. The return of the Fourth Man. (Planetary #12)

354. An Astro City resident shows the human element of retcons. (Kurt Busiek’s Astro City #1/2)

355. Storm earns control of the Morlocks. (Uncanny X-Men #170)

356. Deadpool plays a game of Rochambeau for the fate of the world.(Deadpool (Vol. 1) #25)

357. Princess Projectra avenges her murdered husband. (Legion of Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #5)

358. A parody of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas that got the attention of the Attorney General of Massachusetts (Panic #1)

359. Spider-Man and Human Torch have a holiday moment with the Sandman. (Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 1) #1)

360. The finale of Y the Last Man. (Y the Last Man #60 )

361. The finale of Cerebus. (Cerebus #300)

362. The finale of Transmetropolitan. (Transmetropolitan #60)

363. The finale of Hitman. (Hitman #60)

364. The finale of Preacher. (Preacher #66)

365. Spider-Man No More! (Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #50)

366. Hawkeye Shows Off His Trick Arrows (Hawkeye (Vol. 4 #3)

367. A Rebel Secretly Has a Cause (American Vampire #22)

368. Warbird Gets the Spotlight (Wolverine and the X-Men #13)

369. The Mystery of Mr. Gorsky Solved! (Tales Designed to Thrizzle #8)

370. The Driving Force of Thief of Thieves (Thief of Thieves #1)

371. The Blind Literally Leading the Blind (Daredevil Vol. 3 #7)

372. Batman’s Nemesis, Leviathan, Revealed! (Batman: Leviathan Strikes #1)

373. The Utopian’s Island Revealed (Jupiter’s Legacy #1)

374. Daredevil’s Nemesis Reveals a Twist (Daredevil Vol. 3 #25)

375. The Fall and Rise of Rikard the Brave (Helheim #1)

377. The Origin of Gorr the God Butcher (Thor: God of Thunder #6)

378. How to Create a Stronger Monster (Jennifer Blood #24)

379. The Sacrifice of Robin (Batman Incorporated #8)

380. Superman Takes On Batman’s Pain (Action Comics #770)

381. If There Was No Superman, They’d Have to Create Him (Action Comics #554)

382. The Woman Who Would Be Superman’s Wife (Superman Vol. 1 #129)

383. “Life According to Darkseid” (Superman Adventures #41)

384. Superman returns from exile (Kingdom Come #1)

385. Superman Makes an Impressive Debut (Superman: Birthright $4)

386. Superman Saves the World…For the Last Time? (All-Star Superman #12)

387. Wolverine Somehow Survives the Citadel of Light and Shadow (X-Men Annual #11)

388. Wolverine Pulls a “Dirty Harry” on a Hellfire Club Guard (X-Men #133)

389. Wolverine Asks a Lot of Katie Power (Uncanny X-Men #205)

390. Wolverine and Nightcrawler Share a Drink (Wolverine Vol. 2 #6)

391. Wolverine Asks the Question, “Who IS Wolverne?” (Wolverine Vol. 3 #16)

392. How Does Wolverine Celebrate His Birthday? (Wolverine Vol. 1 #10)

393. Wolverine Faces the Hand for the First Time (Wolverine Limited Series #2)

394. Captain America and Baron Zemo Face Off After the Siege on Avengers Mansion is Over (Avengers #277)

395. Cannonball Makes Gladiator Doubt Himself, Just a Bit (Uncanny X-Men #341)

396. Red Guardian Redeems Himself (Avengers #44)

397. “Harpoon, Make Peace With Your Gods, Little Man…” (Uncanny X-Men #211)

398. Captain America Gains Vengeance from Baron Zemo (Avengers Vol. 1 #15)

399. The Return of Colossus (Astonishing X-Men #4)

400. Captain America Makes His Silver Age Debut (Avengers #4)

401. Cyclops Pushes the X-Men in a Unique Fashion (X-Men #127)

402. The Redemption of Hank Pm (Avengers #229)

403. Magneto Begins His Long Road to Redemption (Uncanny X-Men #150)

404. The Vision Closes Out a Brutal Battle With an Interesting Usage of His Powers (Avengers #166)

405. All-New, All-Different X-Men in Freefall (X-Men #95

405. The Avengers Cut a “Deal” With J. Jonah Jameson (New Avengers #15)

406. Psylocke’s First Run-In with Sabretooth (Uncanny X-Men #213)

407. Captain America Makes a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #65)

408. Rogue’s Special Coin Trick (Uncanny X-Men #182)

409. So That’s Why They’re the Big Three (Avengers #216)

410. The Third Time’s the Charm for the X-Men Against Magneto (X-Men #113)

411. The Avengers’ Version of the “Care Bear Stare” (Avengers #187)

412. Namor Sends Norman Osborn a Message (Dark Reign: The List – X-Men #1)

413. Debut of the Hellcat (Avengers #144)

414. Psylocke Breaks Up the X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #251)

415. Captain America Takes Issue with the Red Skull’s Salute (Avengers Volume 3 #69

416. The Long-Awaited Return of the Fastball Special! (Astonishing X-Men #6)

417. Hercules Gives Namor a “Gift” (Avengers #262)

418. Rogue Goes Boom! (Uncanny X-Men #247)

419. Black Panther Makes Good on a Promise (Avengers Volume 3 #70)

420. Nightcrawler Believes! (Uncanny X-Men #159)

421. The Old Order Changeth! (Avengers Volume 1 #16)

422. Magneto Tears Apoclaypse a New One (X-Men Omega)

423. Wolverine Proves He Is Worthy to Lord Shingen (Wolverine mini #4)

424. Peter Parker PRoves Who is Truly the Superior Spider-Man (Superior Spider-man #30)


[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

What about Thor kicking the hell out of Iron Man?

Oh, of all time. NM. Thought this was about cool moments of 2008.

You might want to space out the moments between titles a little more. The Stray Bullets mention was great. You don’t want to overdo it with Spider-Man and Batman comics.

The Batman bit was a bit unavoidable, Brandon. I couldn’t list one and not the other two! But sure, it certainly wasn’t my original intent to have three out of the first 8 be one issue of Batman! :)

The intent is definitely to mix it up (although, admittedly, Spider-Man is going to have a lot of moments on the list – there are a lot of great Spider-Man moments!).

All I know is I better see one panel in particular in this year-long list. One word:


Nothing from All Star Superman? My favorite moment was the opening the Bottle City of Kandor on Mars.

How the Death of Captain America by Brubaker? Maybe when Bucky put on the suit.

Or Norman Osborne at the end of Secret Invasion?

Matt Fraction’s Iron Man? When he went mano-et-mano on Zeke Stane.

Anybody remember when Spiderman took on Firelord in the late 80s/Early 90s. Firelord herald of Galactus and beat him. Battle took place over the whole city and spread over a couple of issues of ‘Amazing’. Then at the end the Avengers arrive and a weary spidey says, “I wash you guys had gotten here sooner”.

Nothing from All Star Superman? My favorite moment was the opening the Bottle City of Kandor on Mars.

How the Death of Captain America by Brubaker? Maybe when Bucky put on the suit.

Or Norman Osborne at the end of Secret Invasion?

Matt Fraction’s Iron Man? When he went mano-et-mano on Zeke Stane.

There are going to be 365 of these things, ya know?

If you’re going through years and years of comics, you could probably get several years’ worth of moments…
I hope you’re going to have some Vertigo moments in there, be it Morpheus’ humiliation of Lucifer in an early issue of the Sandman, one of John Constantine’s endgames, or any of a ton of moments from 100 Bullets.
Oh, and some of the Walking Dead as well, though I don’t know if you can show some of that here…

And if there’s nothing from Planetary? Or if you leave out the opening sequence from the Authority #1? I’ll be shaking my head at you…

If you’re going through years and years of comics, you could probably get several years’ worth of moments…
I hope you’re going to have some Vertigo moments in there, be it Morpheus’ humiliation of Lucifer in an early issue of the Sandman, one of John Constantine’s endgames, or any of a ton of moments from 100 Bullets.
Oh, and some of the Walking Dead as well, though I don’t know if you can show some of that here…

And if there’s nothing from Planetary? Or if you leave out the opening sequence from the Authority #1? I’ll be shaking my head at you…

Seriously, how about a moratorium on complaining about possible slights on day 8 (or heck, how about days 8-182 even) of a 365 day project?

I won’t complain but you know what’d be cool?
Listing where we might be able to find these stories in print.

Nice picks so far Brian.

A shame people don’t understand that a full year’s of picks will take… y’know, a full year to publish.

Don’t know if you’re taking suggestions or not, but if so, I’d recommend (don’t have the exact issue/page in front of me now) the scene from Daredevil’s “Born Again” where Kingpin realizes that instead of crushing DD completely, he’s given him a new lease on life. “And I… I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear”. One of the best.

I’m just waiting for one moment from Nextwave. That’ll do me.
Sod’s law, it’ll be number 367 on the list…

This is a great idea. There’s always going to be the dissenters and nay-sayers for any choice, but thank’s for reminding me of the joy and wonder many of these moments mentioned brought and future choices will bring.

How about including that early issue of The Invisibles where they escape from soldiers/mercenaries who arrive just a little to late, only to find an empty room containing a table with a hand grenade on it on which King Mob has taped a note which reads, simply, “Smile”?

fix the deadpool link please.

Everyone needs to chill out on the complaints/suggestions…
Brian knows his comics, and there’s still 347 days left in this year. That’s a lot of cool comic book moments, and I’m sure the majority of what you’re clamoring for will show up at some point during the year.

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

Quick suggestion. You might want to think about listing the date next to each moment on the archive page.

Very good stuff so far. Most of these comics I have never read, so kudos to Brian for being educational as well as snappy and fun!

Can I put a shout out for any of those moments in ‘The Authority: Kev’ etc. when there is a standard ‘Authority’ exterior shot of ‘The Carrier’. Accompanied by some pomposity-puncturing caption such as, ‘THE CARRIER! … and not some f**king Italian roller-skate’.

I laughed for a day when I read that one…

great comic moments of this year = DARK AVENGERS 1-2 SECRET WARRIORS and everything els dark reign =)

Yes, I know the movie is coming out this week. Yes, I know most people love it. But c’mon, wasting (what I assume will be) 5 straight spots on Watchmen is awful. There are so many great moments out there that will be overlooked because of that. I know that, inevitably, thousands of stellar moments cannot be included but 5 out of 365 seems a little excessive. If it came from a series that 300 plus issues under it’s belt, then I’d understand.

That being said, there are two Daredevil moments of which I hope one will pop up. First, is the scene from Decalogue where the guy is describing all of the ninja tricks that Murdock knows and you see that Murdock has been at the meeting the whole time masking his presence. Second is from The Murdock Papers where Daredevil asks who the last person is that knows about the Papers, then catches the card an inch from Elektra’s throat and says “Nevermind, I know who.”

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

“wasting (what I assume will be) 5 straight spots on Watchmen is awful. There are so many great moments out there that will be overlooked because of that.”

Oh no! How many is “so many”? Sounds like a lot! This could be a disaster! Let’s see… The upper bound on “so many” is…. 5, or 4 if one allows Watchmen has at least one cool moment.

As I understand it, though, there’s no aim or intention here to define the Top 365 Coolest Comic Moments Ever, nor The Coolest Single Moments From Each of 365 Comics, but rather to select 365 Comic Moments That Are Cool. I think they all have been so far, and I confidently expect that won’t change whether or not when we get to the end there’s been any moments selected from, say, Cerebus’ 300 issue run or not.

If an entry reminds people who have already read the moment described therein how cool a moment it was, or leads people to discover a quality book they had hitherto not read, it’s hard for me to see how it was ‘wasted’.

YMMV, of course

Geez. Take it easy, pal. Just one guy’s opinion here. But wouldn’t five moments from five different books better serve your notion of leading people to discover quality books that they had hitherto (nice!) not read? That was my point- I prefer variety and think that I would benefit more from a diverse list. That being said, I love this list and i’m glad that they are making it for us. I apologize for offending your delicate sensibilities.

No apology necessary. I was not offended so much as amused at what to me seemed an overly strong reaction to what on reflection is a pretty small number. But the strength of the reaction may easily have been as much or more in my eyes as it was in your typing fingers; as we all know it can be difficult to judge tone online.

(It may be a generational thing, also, where words have suffered from deflation of intensity since I learnt them. To my eyes, “wasted” and, especially, “awful” indicate extreme intensities of feeling that perhaps they do not connote to you. It took me some time and much confusion before I realised that when a 20-something says e.g. “I can’t believe you said that” they usually mean they are experiencing the same reaction that I’d verbalise as “I’m a little surprised you said that”, rather than the stupefying world-view shaking shock the former phrasing implied to me.)

Five moments from five books may indeed have spread the wealth, recommendation-wise. But there can be benefits in varying the allocations, as well. A book that supplies multiple Cool Moment posts in effect receives a stronger, more emphasised recommendation. This is Watchmen, after all, not some random anonymous cookie-cutter superhero comic – it has Cool Moments to spare, and its quality, popularity and influence make it one of the key works in the medium. I don’t see a problem with that being acknowledged in this list by weight of numbers.

If this column were a Week of Cool Moments, 5 from the one series would indeed be overkill. But there’s a whole year of them, with almost 80% (!!!) still to go. At the end of the year, those five days seen in the context of 360 other days will seem less of a big slab than they might seem today next to 70 other days.

Consider, too, that with potentially hundreds of thousands of moments to pick from, restricting the domain of choice every now and then by selecting a theme for a week can add enough structure to make choosing Cool Moments a bit easier, reducing “choice paralysis”. I loved the “First Use of a Catchphrase Week”, for instance. (The contents of which (like the JLI example) seem to gain most of their coolness retrospectively, but are no less Cool for a’ that.)

Anyway, good to see so many people enjoying the list. I don’t know if supplying implicit recommendations is one of the official aims of publishing it, but I’m pretty sure sparking discussion of its contents is!

And of course, it turned out to be 7 not 5. I’m still cool with that

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

Awesome list, and if I may suggest it, why not take a few coo moments from Lucifer? There are some fantastic wrap-up moments at the end of the series, like God and Lucifer’s conversation outside of creation and Lucifer’s departure, or maybe when Lucifer and Michael drown in the thoughts of God and discover what their father’s real plan was all along? And there are lots of wonderful side stories to choose from. I don’t know if you already had this planned for down the road, but Carey made a lot of very cool moments in the series, and it’d be great to see a couple pop up.

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

We need some Crisis on Infinite Earths especially Kara’s death

“Anybody remember when Spiderman took on Firelord in the late 80s/Early 90s. Firelord herald of Galactus and beat him. Battle took place over the whole city and spread over a couple of issues of ‘Amazing’. Then at the end the Avengers arrive and a weary spidey says, “I wish you guys had gotten here sooner”.”

Yeah, that really was a good one. There are so many great moments, and as we’ve seen, multiple great moments in individual issues. A year hardly does it all justice, nor allows for everything to be presented but Brian is doing a fantastic job of it. Kudos sir.

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

Just a suggestion… I can’t remember which issue specifically had it, but during Secret Wars, there’s one moment where Iron (James Rhodes) Man gives a bit of an attitude to Reed Richards, asking Reed if he’s surprised that it’s a black man under the armor.

Reed’s response made the entire issue. It’s a classic bit that helped define Reed Richards for me as a kid and helped make me mentally colorblind when it comes to issues of race.

I sincerely hope you’ll consider this moment for your column. Thank you for your time.

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

I hope you’ll be including moments from Catwoman, like when Holly uses speech to ID drug addicts and crims. Also moments from Sleeper!

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

Keep up the great work. Halfway through them and so many awesome moments to still choose from. I don’t know how I’d concoct this list. Hell of a lot of work.


1) Magnus’ death fro Exiles #2 which set the whole mood for the rest of Exiles, that anyone can die and anything can happen.

2) Some awesome Tomorrow Woman moments. Like her speech to Matthew Tyler in Hourman #2 (Hourman droid) or sheer awesomeness resisting her programming in JLA#5 or blasting the Trinity Gods with pure emotion in Trinity #44 as a few examples.

3) Or J’onn in 52 building statues for all the Justice Leaguers who’ve ever died. Issue #24.

[…] CBR’s list of cool comics Tags: Comics, Rants […]

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

I would like to nominate the final page of X-Force vol. 1 #116 where, after being introduced to the “all new, all different” team, they are mostly killed, including the team leader & narrator.

Also, Baby Jenny Quantum’s takedown of Seth in The Authority vol. 1 #29.

But THE coolest comic book moment has to be “I can see you!” from ANimal Man #19.

Brian, I really am loving this series, and although we’re only half way through I’m really hoping you might consider doing something similar next year.

But (you knew there was going to be a but, right) the list does seem very American superhero comics centric. Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but I was wondering if you had anything planned for some cool moments from comics such as 2000AD (you’ve already done one) or Charley’s War (which has stunning moments aplenty) or maybe just some stuff which wasn’t so american superhero based?

Suggestion for a moment that really belongs on the list:

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills. The final confrontation with Stryker where he’s railing against the X-Men, especially Nightcrawler, while waving a gun at Kitty… and out of nowhere, an ordinary police officer shoots him. When asked why, the officer gives a brilliant and simple response… He saw a man pointing a gun at a teenage girl. What else COULD he do?

Please consider this moment for your list. I don’t even LIKE the X-Men and I loved that moment.

[…] in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here’s the archive of the moments posted so […]

Man, there hasn’t been one moment from Sin City on this list yet. Marv is a “Cool Comic Moment” machine, and needs some love.

I would suggest the second fight on the farm, and Marv’s attempt to get the quiet killer to talk, unsuccessfully.

Love the list. My suggestions:

1) Magneto’s introduction from Uncanny #113, I think that was the issue number, from the Claremont/Byrne era. Byrne made him look so sinister and powerful in that one panel. Plus, the last time he fought the X-men, he kicked their asses, even Cyclops was crapping in his pants.

2) I do think Crisis should have a week, or at least, a few entries. Certainly, the deaths of Kara and Barry Allen, even though neither stayed dead.

3) An issue of Batman, I have no idea what issue it was, but it Starlin I think worked on it. Batman is stalking and taking down these thugs one by one in a junk yard. One guy, just chucks part of a car engine at, which was cool. The best part was his thought bubble – “No need to get fancy with this one” sicks in my mind for some reason.

Hi Brian,

Just a suggestion: As I was reading some old Avengers I got to #280 where Jarvis is recuperating from a beating at the hands of Mister Hyde after the Masters of Evil took over Avengers Mansion. The last page, after the lead-up through the whole issue, was a real stand-out image for me. Reminds me why Jarvis kicks-ass.

Maybe a whole week devoted to Jarvis and Alfred?

Also, as part of that same Avengers storyline Zemo ripped up Cap’s only picture of his Mom (Cap crying over the ripped photo is a great moment you may have already featured), but didn’t he later go back in time and retrieve the undamaged picture to make amends to Steve (was it in Thunderbolts?)

Thanks for the great blog. Cool Moments are mandatory daily reading.

In retrospect, any Legion moment should have been used for day 247.

And a Supergirl moment for #252? :)


I don’t know if you have any Cerebus lined up for this, but I was going to suggest the “Tail Moment” From High Society… (where he’s meeting a Duchess I think, in his first fitted suit)…

Of course, you could leave out the bit where the JLA come rushing to the rescue… ;-)

What about some of the alien and Predator comics? A few of those have some excellent scenes.

Would love to see the “Danny Boy” moment from the Denny O’Neil Question series

Well, I’d accept a Walt Simonson Thor moment for day 337.

Maybe Superman vs Aliens, when Superman gets owned by an Alien could be on here.

We’re getting so close to the end. I’m worried Strangers in Paradise won’t make it on to the list.

FYI – #308 does not show the entry it just says “Page Not Found”

Getting this close to the end, I just wanted to say this is one of my favorite regular features here, and I hope it continues into the new year.

I just had a thought for an entry. Did you ever read Resurrection Man? There’s a great scene at the end of the crossover with Hitman, where RM is about to go off and deal with the Big Bad, and Tommy comes up with a splendidly obvious way to make sure he’s ready. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve read it. Email me if you want scans of it, though I’m sure you’ll have them yourself from somewhere or other.

Hi Brian,

long time reader and a big fan of your work. I’d suggest a moment from the LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE MCDUCK. An amazing comic and full of amazing moments. For me, the “coolest” moment ist the beginning of the last instalment, when Donald and the nephews visit a Scrooge who is bereft of hope and motivation – just a spiteful old man. When this character, whom we have been cheering for since his fictional childhood, recovers his spirit and pursuits the Beagle Boys we are right there with him!

I know i’ll get beaten up for suggesting this, because the 90’s was such a wasteland filled with loud noises and very little competent character work…but…
Wolverine (Vol. 1) #75. The letter from Logan to Jubilee. As a kid, reading that, closing that relationship…great scene.

Really late on this but one of the Starman: Talking with David moments such as from #37?

Thanks for a fantastic year! Now, please do it again! And how about Captain Marvel’s finale, Batman’s betrayal of Luthor or Batman v. Wonder Woman from Kingdom Come? Spinach and Cottage Cheese?! That’s the Spectre Platter?

Thanks for all the work. I have been reposting the ones I really like on Facebook all year. It has been fun.

The link for #354 is the wrong link. It should be this –

Brian, this has been your most addictive feature yet!

Personally, I think you should turn it into an ongoing weekly column. It’s a great way to expose folks to new comics in digestible, bite-sized chunks, as well as reaffirm or rediscover our love for comics we haven’t read in years.

(By the way, the link for #313 is busted. It works if you change the date in the link to 11/09 instead of 11/08.)

[…] Por eso, e inspirado tanto en “Mis Secuencias Mágicas” de Blog de Cine como en “A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” de Comics Should Be Good!, para estos domingos de verano (y alrededores) inauguro “17 […]

Jesus. The home page teased “the resolution of the first dramatic confrontation between Batman and … Ra’s Al Ghul,” but the link took me to this giant mess of a long list. And to make matters worse, the Batman link isn’t even at the top of the page.

I don’t know why you people persist at these teases. Most of the time, your home page links take people exactly to the page you advertise, but still very frequently you do this tease thing where your homepage links take people to long-ass lists. Are you trying to game link counts for your advertisers or something? Because that’s the only thing that would make sense of this practice.

Where’s the first confrontation between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul. It was advertised on the homepage but it just redirects here

@WTF and Johnny Loathes: You guys must’ve also missed noting that the whole archive is from 2009. That, to me, makes its placement on the home page all the more annoying. The home page SHOULD be for the latest news and information. If there’s going to be a link to an archive, it should be noted as such or, even better, put on the side. I clicked on it, expecting a new feature. Instead, it’s a list that ended more than 3 years ago.

For sure you all apparently missed actually reading the front page link in full, which clearly mentions “& MORE COOL COMIC BOOK MOMENTS” in the headline link. Also note the explanatory paragraph mentions, nay, BEGINS by mentioning “CSBG’s collection of cool comic book moments includes…”. If they tell you on the front page, twice, that the link is to a set of cool comic book moments, one member of which is about Batman (#7 on the list, if you still can’t find it), then your complaints that you were somehow not given what was advertised rest more on your inattention or incomprehension than any failing on CBR’s front page.

So what if it’s from 2009? There must be tens of thousands of new readers who have visited the site since then who would not have stumbled across what was one of the more popular recurring columns in its history. Has the passage of a handful of years rendered any of these moments less cool somehow?

I’m happy for you that your lives must be going so well that you can be this outraged and offended over something so trivial. (“Ooh a link I clicked on without reading the description properly showed me a page slightly different from my expectations, how dare they?!”)

Stoics, ye be not.

Yeeeeeeeeeah some good stuff on there but the death of Damian Robin is a total joke. Wow. I’ve been collecting comics for a long time and it seems all of the current stuff is just playing off of older, classic storylines. Seriously. There are a lot of books that recycle their former glory. Maybe hire some new talent if it’s so difficult? Maybe have a writer actually write a few books, max, at a time instead of making it so formulaic (not to mention the generic dialogue). Those complaints aren’t just about this list but comics in general.

I skimmed through this list – and I don’t think I saw this moment……

Detective Comics #38. The first appearance of Batman’s partner, and really – the granddaddy of all kid sidekicks…… Robin The Boy Wonder.

If nothing else, the cover to Detective Comics #38 kicks ass!!

Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
It’s always interesting to read through content from other writers and practice something from their web sites.

Maybe you could reverse the order of the updates if it’s going to be such a large number? I almost gave up on viewing the current one out of irritation at how long I had to scroll down. Not a huge problem outside of web browsing but still…

Another cool WW moment is when she takes on an army in the JLA Classified “Hypothetical Woman” storyline; I believe it’s in this issue:

You wouldn’t have to post a statement like, “The long-awaited return of the Fastball Special is #416,” if you’d invert the damn page and make it easy for visitors to reach your latest stuff. This is a stupid layout, definitely not user-friendly. Why are you being so stubborn about keeping it this way?

Deadpool going all street fighter and upper cutting Kitty Pryde deserves to be on here. One of the best moments in Deadpool’s history. It happened during Joe Kelly’s run right after Dead Reckoning.

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