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How the Cat from Vertigo's "We3" Ended Up in Marvel's "Howard the Duck"

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Reason to be Excited – Biggs the Cat

In this feature I spotlight things from comics (presumably recent comics, but who knows, I might go into the past, as well) that I think are worth getting excited about.

Today we look at the awesomeness of Howard the Duck’s cat, Biggs, who is basically just 2 from We3 brought into the Marvel Universe.

The great Unbeatable Squirrel Girl/Howard the Duck crossover of 2016 started in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 (by Ryan North, Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson), when Howard the Duck “catnaps” Squirrel Girl’s roommate’s cat, because Howard can’t tell the difference between cats and he has been hired to find a missing cat named Biggs…


Howard and Squirrel Girl end up then being captured by Kraven the Hunter, who is working for a rich woman who likes to collect things and then, well, hunt them down. Here, we see the missing Biggs, who belonged to her ex. She has now transformed Biggs into a killing machine…


Hilariously, Biggs is dressed in the same outfit that Tinker (or “2”) was dressed in in the classic Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely comic book series, We3, about three household animals who were transformed into killing machines…


In the second (and final) part of the crossover in Howard the Duck #6 (by Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North, Joe Quinones and a bunch of inkers), we see that our heroes (including Beast and Rocket Raccoon) are being hunted for sport…


By the way, Biggs is the name of Quinones’ own cat and Biggs is drawn to look like the real life Biggs.

Howard slowly figures out what Biggs’ deal is (well after everyone else)…


Note that Biggs even TALKS like 2 from We3…


Biggs helps take down the bad guy..


At the end of the crossover, Biggs’ owner no longer wants him now that he is a cyborg cat, so Howard gets a new pet…


In the most recent issue of Howard the Duck (#8), Biggs gets a great scene when Lea Thompson shows up to hire Howard the Duck…



What a hilariously clever idea by Zdarsky and Quinones to not only bring Quinones’ own cat into the comic, but also have the cat basically be the cat from We3. So cool. Plus, Zdarsky writes the character well, so that it has good comedic timing (lots of deadpan stuff). I’m going to miss this series so much!

Okay, that’s it for this installment! This feature is a bit more personal, but what the heck, if you see something in a comic that you’re exicted about, feel free to drop me a line at


Anyone else remember Raul from Chaykin’s American Flagg? We could have the strangest cyborg cat crossover ever.

How about the weapon x squirrel? It’s the adorableness wolverine isn’t

Gotta say, I tried the first few issues of Chip Zdarsky’s “Howard the Duck” mini-series and hated it. I doubt I’d ever read anything HtD comic written by Zdarsky. I found the humor in the issues I read to be lame, to say the least.

Here’s hoping Biggs will get adopted by Doreen & Nancy once Howard ends. Mew needs a playmate!

Classic Biggs! I’d considered the We3 similarity but it didn’t sink in, until now. Duh! It did take a little while for Zdarsky to find his footing with Howard but the payoff has been worth the investment. And Squirrel Girl is all kinds of fun. Sort of a backstage Golden Age occurring at Marvel while their main books are largely weird and confusing. The events and mayhem support the company, but a Duck and a Squirrel (and Biggs) shall lead them. And, yeah, Raul… wow… he’d have a grand time as the wise-ass leader of the Cat Brigade.

I’m going to miss this series so much!

What? It’s ending?
Waugh! I didn’t know!

Biggs has been a background character in this entire current series of Howard The Duck; (the second 2015 volume, if I’m getting this right) it just took them this long to explain him.

I’ve never read We3, and used to (a looong time ago) think the mascot for this site was the Soviet dog from Knowhere.

They just announced that the Lea Thompson arc was the final one for the book.

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