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Marvel NOW!: Who Stands with Doctor Doom and the Old Guard?

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Over the past month, Marvel Comics has been teasing the return of Marvel NOW! The line-wide rebranding initiative first began in 2012 in the wake of "Avengers vs. X-Men" and gave birth to books like "Uncanny Avengers." A new, shattered Marvel NOW! logo was next, followed by a series of "Divided..." teaser images, the first featuring Captain America (Steve Rogers) and new Inhuman character Mosaic. The trend continued, with the majority of images featuring one established character and one newer or less prominent character, and "Divided..." expanding to "Divided we..." as the series progressed.

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After nearly two weeks of teases, the future of the Marvel Universe has become a bit more clear thanks to a Mike Deodato-illustrated teaser branded with "Divided We Stand." With the Marvel Universe seemingly fractured in the wake of "Civil War II," two very distinct factions have emerged. On the one side are primarily veterans, gathered behind Doctor Doom; on the other, mostly newer heroes, with 15-year-old Riri Williams standing in front.

Below, CBR delivers a who's who of the heroes standing with Doom, from established heavyweights like Captain Marvel and Captain America to several members of Deadpool's Mercs for Money.

Doctor Doom

The power mad genius Victor Von Doom once ruled the country of Latveria with a steel-gloved fist, covering his scarred face with an iconic mask. A master of both science and sorcery, Doom proved to be one of the most dangerous threats in the Marvel Universe -- until the fallout from "Secret Wars." In the final moments of that event, the currently-missing Mister Fantastic used reality-altering power to fix Doom’s face and inspire him to leave villainy behind. In the time since the Marvel Universe’s reformation, Doom has seemingly done just that; he’s left his armor and his country behind and started assisting Iron Man in the hero’s battles.

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