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Spider-Women Omega #1
Story: Dennis Hopeless, Jason Latour, Robbie Thompson
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Pencils: Nico Leon
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: 06/01/16

Well, it's all come down to this. Jessica Drew(Spider-Woman) and Cindy Moon(Silk) became trapped in Earth-65 after a simple brunch date with Gwen Stacy(Spider-Gwen) turned into super-heroics. Gwen's inter-dimensional travel watch was stolen but they were eventually able to get back with the help of Earth-65's Reed Richards. They learned it was all a plot by Cindy's doppelgänger(Cindy-65) to steal advanced technology to expand the power of her terrorist organization called S.I.L.K.

One of Cindy-65's agents, Jesse Drew(Spider-Woman's Earth-65 counterpart) has a run in with Jessica at her place when she finally returns to her newborn son Gerry. He reveals that the only reason he works for Cindy-65 is to have access to a drug that normalizes his body chemistry and grants him spider-like powers. However, thanks to Gwen, Jesse discovers that he doesn't need the drug in order to survive and decides to help them. Gwen, who'd just previously lost her powers, takes the drug herself to regain her abilities and the final confrontation and conclusion of the Spider event of 2016 is here.

What's satisfying about this issue is that there's actually payoff. The event has meandered at times with the narrative coming to a halt in some issues, especially towards the latter half. Fortunately it wasn't at the expense of some really solid character moments but the finally thankfully has both. We see all three of our heroes battle it out against Cindy-65 and all her new toys. It's a lot of fun to see and entertaining throughout but when it comes to the conclusion of the fight, between Cindy-65 and Gwen, it's a bit of a let down.

Spoiler Alert: the good guys win and it's Gwen who defeats the villain. However when she overcomes her foil, it's by the matter of sheer luck. Writer Dennis Hopeless tries to balance this out with a speech from Jessica but it comes off as tacky and falls flat. With that negative out-of-the-way, there is an appeasing ending within the issues final pages.

The trio is out for another brunch date and all the development come intro fruition and groundwork for future story lines are teased at. Jessica affirms to herself that while she's a superhero, she's a mom first and being a good mother is her priority in life. Cindy has become content with her situation and relationship to her family. She's going to play the cards that'd been dealt to her and make the most of it. Gwen's final battle with Cindy-65 is a bit anticlimactic, was hopping for something more out of the box. However it does play into the question of whether or not her powers will stay or fade away once the drug wears off.

There are multiple elements to like and enjoy in this issue but Nico Leon's pencils along with Rachelle Rosenberg's colors are a highlight here. This issue is action packed with more than half of its pages dedicated to the battle and Leon's engaging line work has an abundance of energy to it and flows incredibly well. It embraces the insanity of comic book art with the over the top expressions, however it doesn't shy away from the grim and gritty as the final fight between Gwen and Cindy-65 becomes a bit brutal. Rosenberg's colors shine in this issue as everything that needs to pop and brought to the forefront does. The use of various palettes of red works really well during the climax as it amplifies the aggression and conveys the emotions of the characters.

Final Verdict

Marvel's female spider themed super-heroine crossover overall was frustrating at times. The plot meandered and the narrative dragged and even stopped in some issues. Fortunately it's saved by an exhilarating conclusion with Spider-Women Omega #1. There's a sense of satisfaction when all is said and done and we see how far our heroes have come. The three of these characters work brilliantly off of one another and each one has their moment to shine. The action scenes are stellar and superbly visualized by a grade A art team so what more can you ask? Go out and buy this book.

Score: 4 out of 5

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