Saturday, July 2, 2016

Here’s What Anna Kendrick Would Look Like As Squirrel Girl

This sketch comes from the Twitter account of BossLogic, an artist who posts lots of art based on TV Shows and other properties. When Anna Kendrick said that she wanted to play the character after her brother recommended it, BossLogic clearly didn't waste much time. He did a great job on the Squirrel Girl rendering, and it really gives an idea of what Kendrick would look like as the hero. There's plenty to see here, from Kendrick's squirrel ears to her teeth. It's doubtful that if a live action Squirrel Girl become a reality that she will be that "squirrely" but it's still interesting and fun to see. Of course, Squirrel Girl is nothing without her army of furry friends, who look way cuter than any real life squirrel ever has.

For those who may not know, Squirrel Girl is a Marvel character who started out as largely a joke and then over the years morphed into a smart, self-aware character. Her name is Doreen Greene and she's basically the Spider-Man of squirrels; she can do whatever a squirrel can do which includes increased senses, a climbing ability, communication with squirrels and increased strength and agility. She's been a part of several superhero teams, from the Great Lakes Avengers (Marvel's D-List comic relief team) and most recently the New Avengers. She's acquired a pretty loyal fan base through her comic Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which is mostly a comedy.

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