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"Who HAS actually stopped the Juggernaut?" & More Comic Questions Answered

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Comic Book Questions Answered Archive

Here is a collection of this feature, which collects various questions that readers have had over the years that I’ve done my best to answer. Click on each question to get the answer (and feel free to e-mail me at if YOU have a question!).

1. How Many Pages Did Jack Kirby Draw in a Day?

2. Was the Pre-Crisis Earth-1 Wonder Woman Active in World War II?

3. Is There a Chronological Comic Book Resource I Can Use?

4. What is this “Marvel Universe” Title?

5. Was Jean Grey Naked in an Issue of X-Men?

6. What Was the Deal With British Versions of Marvel Comics in the 1960s?

7. What Was the First Variant Cover?

8. How Was World War II Depicted In Comics DURING World War II?

9. How Were Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen Received When They Were First Released?

10. Who Designed the Costume For Nightwing’s Solo Series?

11. Why Can Bluewater Use Celebrity Names and Likenesses?

12. Was Superman, the “Big Blue Boy Scout,” Ever an ACTUAL Boy Scout?

13. Who Designed the Famous Avengers “A”?

14. Is This Batman #0 Cover Variant a Scam?

15. Why Aren’t There Any Marvel Comics on The Big Bang Theory?

16. What Comic First Broke the Internet?

17. What part of Amazing Spider-Man #200 did Stan Lee write?

18. Iron Man Numbering Snafu

19. Did Bucky Have a Secret Identity or What?

20. What was the first #0 comic book issue?

21. Where does Foggy Nelson’s nickname come from?

22. What, Exactly, Is Captain America’s Shield Made Out Of?

23. Why Weren’t the X-Men in Infinity Gauntlet?

24. When Did the X-Men Pass the Fantastic Four as Marvel’s Flagship Team?

25. When Did Deadpool Become an R-Rated Character?

26. What Kind of Math Did Marvel Use to Get to Ultimate Spider-Man #150?

27. Just How Many Toes Does the Hulk Have?

28. What is a Baldy Award?

29. When Did Rocket Raccoon and Groot Become Best Friends?

30. Who Still Knows Spider-Man’s Secret Identity?

31. What Does Deadpool’s Voice Sound Like?

32. Is Captain America’s Shield Stronger Than Adamantium?

33. Can Wolverine or Deadpool Starve to Death?

34. Just HOW Did Gwen Stacy Die?

35. Who Flew on an Arrow First, Ant-Man or Atom?

36. When Did Batman and Catwoman First Kiss?

37. Has the Hulk Ever Lifted Thor’s Hammer?

38. When Did Captain America’s Shield Become Indestructible?

39. Has Iron Man Ever Lifted Thor’s Hammer? Who Else Has Lifted Thor’s Hammer?

40. How Did Typhoid Mary Violate Deadpool?

41. Have Daredevil and She-Hulk Ever Faced Each Other in Court?

42. What, Exactly, Did Mephisto’s Spell in One More Day Do?

43. Why Was Steve Ditko’s Name Excised From the Amazing Spider-Man Letters Page When He Left the Book?

44. Is Cyclops a Sociopath?

45. Does Deadpool Actually Even LIKE Chimichangas?

46. Where Did Batman Take Ra’s Al Ghul After Their First Famous Fight in the Desert?

47. Who Has Stopped the Unstoppable Juggernaut?


Come on, give Jack a break. He was turning out so many pages– laying the groundwork for the Marvel Universe, — he couldn’t remember everything. The Hulk has 5 toes…. The Thing 4 toes.
Davis should have given The Hulk 5 toes. But I guess we’ll have to let it pass, … and write it off to those crazy Gamma waves and mutations … for the time being.
You just have to admire Jack for giving us so much… the ‘faithful ones’ overlooked those small mistakes.

[…] have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at Here is a link to an archive of all the past questions that have been answered so […]

Here’s a question, why wouldn’t Wolverine have metal teeth?

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